Get Big – Using Only Dumbbells

For a few inexplicable reason, people feel they need some kind of nice program or expensive gym equipment to build muscle. I am here to inform you as possible create some serious muscle just using dumbbells. The entire means of weight lifting is simply picking up a weight multiple times. Your muscles don't have a special mind within them that says “I am not picking up anything doing it in a nice way or fancy, I will not grow”

If your pillow case curled every day and is filled up with rocks you will eventually discover your bicep growing. My point can be your muscles cannot tell the variation in what you’re training whether it’s some fancy machine or perhaps a bucket of stones. If it’s heavy enough and raised long enough you will grow. With this use of common sense, you can clearly note that dumbbells alone are practical enough to teach with if necessary. You may get a full body workout with sourcing some good weights for sale.

  • Chest Exercises – Dumbbell flies and dumbbell bench press (for those who have a counter)
  • Bicep Exercises – Bicep curl and hammer curl
  • Tricep Exercises – Seated triceps press and Dumbbell kickbacks
  • Shoulder Exercises – Side lateral raises and Dumbbell military press
  • Back Exercises – Dumbbell Shrugs, Dumbbell row, and straight leg deadlifts
  • Leg Exercises – Dumbbell squats, runs and dumbbell step ups
  • Calf Exercises Calf raises and leg raises on the dumbbell

This list above is a manual showing several of the exercises which can be finished with just dumbbells. When you have the proper dumbbell weight your workouts may be just like effective as that fancy machine. Like all exercise programs so that you can be maximally effective they have to be used along with a solid diet regime. Dumbbells coupled with a solid diet will provide you with very good results.